Turn up the heat!!!!!!!

As I make my rounds here in the USA,  I realize that I am not in Panama anymore. It is downright cool, wet and gloomy here! I am so used to the heat of San Felix, Panama. I guess I am spoiled.

It may have been a whirlwind 3 state/5 church tour this time, but all went well. I even got a few naps in. And, naps are good when you are my age. I just love sharing the stories of my missionary journey with any who want to hear it. True, a few may be taken aback by my “Apostle Paul boldness”, but I refuse to be ashamed of the Gospel.

One of the most pleasant things I enjoy is to hear church services in English. Once in a while my brain needs a break from the translating of the fast paced Spanish services. That, and the fact that some of the English praise songs really speak to me. Even though I am a full time missionary in a Spanish speaking country, I still listen to American praise music.

Recently I made my 3rd annual 20+ mile hike through the rugged mountains in the Comarca carrying a 12′ cross. This year was the best so far, as 11 people   walked the entire distance. In fact, 2 teenage girls also walked the following week in a hike through the dirt trails in another part of the Comarca. 18 people in all walked in this “Hike for Christ” at least part of the way.

Also, recently, We built 2 more rainwater recovery systems to help families have water at their homes, rather than go to the local streams and rivers where the snakes sometimes bite them. The rainwater is then made drinkable by pouring it through a ceramic filter bucket system I install.

I’ll do my best to get more pictures posted on this blog. I have already lost 5 years of pics somehow. My fault, I’m sure.

Until next time. Keep up the faith. Lean on the hope we have in Jesus.

Bobby Mo


March-ing on……

March is here, and so are the nasty winds in the mountains. We get some wind here in the San Felix area, but it gets crazy in the mountains. A man I know lost part of his roof and had his greenhouse completely destroyed. For the Ngabes, this is no big deal, it is just a part of life where they live.
For me, I’ve been very busy with helping kids get set up for school. I also have 5 college and high school students that I help, financially, for them to continue their education. When I can see someone that wants to better themselves through higher education, I try to help. I am kind of maxed out on the number of kids I can help right now, but if God wants me to help more, he will provide the resources. Please write me if you want more info on these opportunities to help. Some really want to rise up from the extreme poverty that is widespread here.
Recently we were able to help another blind man have a little easier life. We installed a sink and the associated plumbing so he would have water at his house for the first time. Now he can bathe and do his wash as needed without asking for help to bring water to his house.
I’m gearing up for 2 ‘Hikes for Christ’ this year. One is 8 hours through the mountains, the other only 1 1/2 hours. Seems like I am going to have lot of people walking with me, and helping to carry the cross. We’ll have to wait and see.
The “Church on the Hill” continues to go well. I really enjoy giving the message of the Good News and of all the wonderful things Jesus did for us. Now, if I can only get them to arrive on time! Haha! For this culture, it won’t happen. The kids come very early and the adults come late. The last church service proved very interesting and in the end I felt very blessed. You see, at the same time as the service that I lead, there was a large all night vigil going on 20 minutes away(walking, of course). The vigil had a dynamic pastor from Boquette and a band from Nicaragua. here we are, at the start of the service with very few people. There were as many as 500 people there! I was dissapointed. My mind was racing. There was some second guessing going on in my head. I should have remembered that God says not to worry, he has my back. Sure enough 1/2 hour later we had 55 people there to hear about the miracles of Jesus. I need to tell you that my demeanor went form ‘poor me’ to being on fire. They had an extended version sermon that night. I cannot describe the joy I felt. I cannot describe how thankful I was, and am, to Him who knows all and provides all. I am so thankful to God who continues to use me in ways I never could have dreamed of. Thank you Lord for trusting me with the hearts of those that come to listen to me. Continue to give me the words to say to make a difference in their lives.
I have two people coming down to visit and work with me this summer. The son of a friend from church will be here on spring break. The other is a Reverend from a church in Ohio, who will come in August for a two week stay. I always enjoy showing newbees around and filling them in on what is happening here.
It’s been extremely hot for a long time now. Lots of green turned to brown. Rivers are drying up. Tanker trucks delivering water to the areas most affected. The rainy season is still a month away. Thank God, we are in good shape here in the mission with water.
Soon it will be time to head north to the states for my spring vacation. Look for me April 15 to May 17. I love the spring season in the Northeast. It won’t be a very restful vacation as I may end up talking in 5 different churches, in two different states. It will be so good to get back home again to see my family and friends.

Bobby Mo

New Beginnings.


Preaching about moms.

It’s a new day. It’s a new year. It’s another opportunity to do the right thing. What is the ‘right thing’? The right thing is the thing that God wants you to do in your life. God can use you right where you are at in your journey of faith. Just surrender your will to Him. His will will bring you an abundance of peace and opportunities to help those in need. Trust in Him with all your being. You can not lose! As the Bible says, “If God is for you, who can be against you?” Once you surrender and trust God, AND see and feel the results, you’ll say to yourself ” Now why didn’t i do that earlier in my life!”

The new year brings me more opportunities to serve our risen Lord. More chances to feel that peace that surpasses all understanding. Another year to help those that have problems helping themselves. Bring it on, 2016! I’m  ready!

Along with the normal CHRISTmas and New Years’ Day celebrations; here in Panama they celebrate Mothers’ Day in December and  Independence day in November. Here in the mission we just had a huge fund raiser dance for the Catholic church. Around 500 people came to eat and dance the night away to live music.

The worship services that I have been blessed to lead are going well. The last few messages included: Moms of the Bible, being the Dad that God wants you to be, the Nativity story, and Who is Jesus? The last service I was astounded that 80 people came from as far as an hour (walking) away to hear the Good News. Thanks be to God for this blessing.

Speaking of celebrations, Feb. 11 I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary here in San Felix, Panama. 5 very good years, I must say. Possibly I’ll be taking a few days off to visit Bocas Del Toro.

What are your expectations for the year 2016? Are they something that God might bless? Read your Bibles, pray, and listen during your quiet time for that still small voice calling YOU to do the next right thing. Trust and obey….you can not lose!

Happy 2016 everyone and let the blessings begin!

Bobby Mo

Blessed To Be A Blessing

‘Blessed to be a blessing’ is a phrase the folks from my church use frequently. When we are blessed, we need to be a blessing to others. We take this phrase seriously. We love to have the opportunity to take the blessings we have, and give them away to the ‘least of these’.
This was the case in October as a mission team of 7 people came to Panama to be this blessing to others. And, bless they did. When the week was done, 4 families had rainwater collection systems installed on their homes. These 4 systems will probably benefit over 40 persons. Some ceramic filter bucket systems were also installed to assure clean, potable water for them. None of this would have been possible without the blessing from Emmanuals’ Church in the way of full funding for the projects. The ceramic filters were paid for by youth in my home church in New Tripoli. We were blessed with these funds so we could be a blessing to the needy here. All good stuff. Funding the projects was only a part of the work. We needed to carry many of the tools and materials through the rugged mountains to the sites I chose. We carried the things in a heavy rain without a peep of complaining. We handed out over 500 balloons all throughout the week.
When they weren’t trudging through the mountains, they were sanding and painting metal railings in the mission. No matter what I asked them to do, they did without a complaint. Well done good and faithful servants.
A blessing for me was to have them visit me in Panama when I had a church service scheduled. The bi-lingual service was moved indoors because of some rain, but went well. The next church service won’t happen till I get back from my vacation in the USA.
Coming to the states in October is nice for me because I can see the colors of the turning foliage. I can deal with the ‘colder than Panama’ weather, it’s a nice change from the heat and humidity. At my daughters’ house we will celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas all in the same day. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.
There is so much more I could say, but most of you will hear the same stuff during one of the church services that I will speak at.
Remember that we are ALL created to serve in one way or another. And, in the book of James, we read that” Now that you know what you must do, it is a sin not to do so.”
Till we meet again.

Bob Moyer

CHRISTmas in August?

CHRISTmas in the Comarca. I know it is only August, but you couldn’t tell it wasn’t really CHRISTmas if you would have seen the smiling faces of the children that we came in contact with. First, they were amazed by all the people with red hair. A RARE sight in the all black hair mountainside. Second, between the cross necklaces, the soccer balls, frizzbees, balloons, and toys, the kids were elated. Santa came early for them this year. How did this all happen?
First and foremost, God put this trip on the hearts of Mike and Allison Conrey and family, as well as a long time New Lifer, Bev Post. This group had the spirit of giving and had the suitcases of goodies to hand out. Many thanks to Mike, Allison, Emma, Lucy, Reed, Quinn and Bev. These guys really handled the heat, the very bumpy truck rides, the many miles of walking and the strange foods like pros. I’m sure this 9 day trip will stay with them for a long while. There were new sights, new smells, new sounds and many new faces. Trips like this can really be a bonding time for families. Also, for my friends from New Life, it was important to actually see the many projects that New Life has done over the last 6 or 7 years. We have our ‘fingerprints’ in many places.
I love it when a team of ‘missionaries’ comes to visit me so I can share my ‘Panamanian family’ with them. Don’t get the wrong idea, they are not my biological family, only family in my heart….and theirs.
One thing the team heard was all the different names I am called here( all good of course). Such as Bod, Bos, Baba, Sr. Bob, Bobcito, Padre, Nitigon, and Roberto.
We visited Cerro Pierda, Cerro Flores, Quebrado Loro, Hato Chami, Las Lomas, David, and the Lajas Beach. It is rainy season here in Panama, however, the rains did NOT alter our plans at all. Thank you Lord for that.
Then there was ‘Peanut’. I wasn’t sure I would remember Quinns’ name, so I called her Peanut. She is an amazing young girl. When the team was tested the first day here with a one hour hike through the mountains, she didn’t skip a beat. Never complained, and never was at the back of the line. I was impressed. She was such fun the hang out with.
I felt led to treat them to an early morning breakfast and mini church service on the top of a hill in a fantastic location. While talking about our creator, we had a 360 degree view of His creation. And it was beautiful. We sang, we prayed, shared communion, they heard the Gospel and then we ate breakfast. Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to worship you in this way.
The workload is heavy right now, but I’m not complaining. I am looking forward to the next group that is scheduled to come down here in October. That group will be working most of the time on water projects that are waiting to be completed.

Bye for now,
Bobby Mo

Happy Fathers’ Day???

Happy Fathers’ Day! How many times have we heard that this week? For most dads, plenty. I have a burning question about this ‘special day”. Why do we celebrate it? How many men really want to be recognized for just being a ‘father’?  Probably 99% of the men in the world can easily be a ‘father’ in a few minutes time. What is there to celebrate about this simple act of procreation? Not much to brag about , right? So why do we celebrate it?

Being a ‘father’ is easy, being a ‘DAD’ isn’t.” What’s the difference”, you ask? A BIG difference! Anybody can father a child, a real man, a dad, raises his children, loves his children unconditionally, trains his children, and helps the get to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A father makes the child, a dad makes the child into a real man. Now THAT is something to celebrate! Let’s celebrate the DADs of the world. Now don’t get me wrong, many times the father and the dad are one in the same. But, in this ever changing world, sadly this percentage in dwindling.

Wait there is more. The moms of this world are so overburdened with raising the children because men are not being ‘dads’. Ok, Bob, now what are you talking about? Way too many dads have fallen asleep at the wheel of steering their families in the right direction. I know, I was one of them. I failed miserably! “Yeah, Bob, but that is you, I know better”, you say. Really? How much quality time do you spend with your children per day? Five minutes? Ten minutes? I’m talking about quality time, not “hey son, how is your salad?” Think about it. A few years back a survey was done and it was discovered that the average dad spent 5 minutes of quality time, a day,  with his son. I know this doesn’t apply to anyone in my home church (ahem!), but the statistic is incredible! Who is raising your children the other 23 hours and 55 minutes a day? The television? The internet? Social media? Their friends? The school system? Think about it! How can we, as dads, possibly teach our children how we ( God and their parents) want our kids to live, how to treat each other, how to respect women, how to help those in need, etc?  The school teaches mostly academics, the church can teach how to treat others and guide us to salvation. The internet teaches ?????

Stay with me a bit more. Let’s say your child is caught stealing for example. Or, you find out your son us abusive to women. Or you catch one of your kids surfing  adult sites on the internet. For the most part we, as dads who aren’t engaged with our children have no right to yell at our kids saying ” Who taught you to steal? Or what makes you think it is ok to abuse women? Or, why are you surfing those sites? The real question needs to be ” Why didn’t I teach them different? Why don’t they have the necessary training from ME, to be able to know right from wrong? We need to stop blaming the ‘system’, or the peer pressure, or the internet , or the schools. It’s OUR  responsibility!  It’s time we man-up and realize that being a dad is a serious job, with tons of responsibility. If we are the dads God wants us to be, we can change the world. We can greatly reduce the number of men in jail. It is a fact that about 90% of the men in jail didn’t have a ‘father figure ‘in the home! That fact speaks volumes in showing the responsibility we have as dads!

I realize it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that ” Oh, I have 18 years to train up my child in the way they should go( from Ephesians). But time has a way of slipping away on us. We need to be the example of how to live a Christ-like life every day. We need to model how to love our neighbors, our wives, our families day in and day out. We CANNOT take this lightly! We cannot use the excuse that we need to work 7 days a week to pay the bills. ” I want my kids to have all the ‘things’ I didn’t have as a child, that’s why I work the extra hours.  Most times this is a ‘cop-out’.  When we dads are old and gray, and our kids are raised, they will NOT come to us thanking us for the I-pad we bought them to keep them occupied. They won’t remember the cool $100.00 pair of sneakers you bought them. They will remember the TIME you spent with them just being silly, or the TIME you went on a hike with them and got lost. They will remember their dad being a dad by reading them bible stories when they were little. TIME>>>TIME! That is what they will remember you by. They will love you because of the TIME you spent one on one with them. Keep in mind the old Beatles song, “Money can’t buy me love”. TIME with our children will be returned many times over in the love we receive from them.

Remember the priority list: God first, wife second, children, then your work. This order will surely bring blessings. Remember that saying “God first” is easy, living God first, is tough. It is the only way to have peace in our lives, the only way to be blessed to be a blessing to others.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life…be a real dad today and always. Read your bibles to see what God says about being a good dad.

Yes, I am very passionate about this topic. I, along with most dads, have failed in being the dad God wants us to be. But, I have great news for you!!!! God is a God of second chances  ( and third, and fourth, etc).  This is super good news for me, as now, by the grace of God ,I have many more opportunities to be a dad by helping raise up the many fatherless children in the Comarca. This is a job that I take seriously. Thank you ,God, for that. Now, you are thinking “Bob, we don’t have a Comarca in our neighborhood”. No, but I’ll bet there are fatherless children only a short distance from where you live.

I’ll calm down and let you all sleep on these words for a while. But hear this, you haven’t heard the last from me on this. I would love to hear your feedback on this.

For the real dads of the world, Happy Dad’s Day. For the fathers that haven’t been good dads, now is the time to make a difference…no excuses, just do it!

Bobby Mo

Back in Panama

No. I have not been in hibernation! Just couldn’t get around to write you folks of the latest happenings here in HOT San Felix, Panama. Primarily due to lack of internet many days a week. And HOT it has been. I am glad I don’t have a thermometer here, or I would let the high numbers get to my head. Let’s just say that it was 98 degrees in the hills of Boquette. Boquette is a town where the weather is comfortable enough that many Gringos move there. If it was 98 there, I’m not even going to guess what it was here in San Felix. When I returned from my one month vacation in the USA, it was almost unbearable. I took 7 showers in 2 days! Even with a fan blowing directly on me, I sweated all night in my bed. It’s better now.

My vacation went well. I started off with a few plane delays to get home. I came home a bit sick, but that cleared up in a few days. That was good because I did the sermon a few days after arriving. It was an illustrated message of the different covenants between God and his people from creation to the cross. also had the opportunity to speak at Emanuel’s Church, and sit in on a meeting to re-connect with Zion Church. I can see good things coming from these 2 churches as well as my home church, New Life.

While home we celebrated the birthdays of my dear sister, Nancy and my old (92 years old) friend George Lilly. My friend, Miriam, had just finished her first year of studies in the USA, and I had the chance to spend 6 days showing her around my area.

Back here in Panama, the work continues here in the mission and in the Comarca. Plenty of projects await me. Blessings abound when you have helpful friends like Carlos and Gabriel helping me on some of the projects. These fine young men are super to work with, and they are tri-lingual!

May 29th the showings of the video of the life of Jesus resume. This is the most important aspects of my mission here. the next showing is in the village of Quebrado Loro( parrot creek). It’s only 1 1/4 hours from my house, but it is a ROUGH 1 1/4 hours. Pray that people would take the step to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I’ll work harder at keeping you all posted more often in the future.