Meet Scotty

I just thought I’ld relay this story to all my blog readers.
Once upon a time, in the twentieth century, there was a little boy named Scotty. He was just your average poor boy growing up in a large family. Life had its ups and downs, as you would expect growing up with little money in a family that, let’s just say, was a bit ‘disfunctional’. As a little boy it was a season to see much alchoholism in his family and in the extended family. This young boy also had seen and heard some things going on in the house that he didn’t tell anyone. There were good times too, just not enough to out-weigh the bad.
Growing up in this needy family, he was used to putting cardboard inside his shoes before he walked to school so the snow would not make his socks wet. I understand he needed to push his socks down into his shoes sometimes so the kids in school would not make fun of him when they saw the holes in his socks. Like most young boys, Scotty liked sports. He didn’t seem to be very good at the sports, but at least he was out of the house and didn’t have to hear the fighting going on. It seems Scotty was tired of being poor. He was tired of not knowing todays mood of his parents. He was tired of helping to raise his siblings while his mother slept off her latest drunken stooper.
One day he decided what he wanted his life to be like and said to himself. “I’m never going to be poor when I grow up”. Then it seems he set out on a plan to see that that wouldn’t happen. As he grew up, this un-guided young boy made many mistakes. He decided he would learn as much as possible in school so he could get a good job, and by now he didn’t only want ‘not’ to be poor; but he wanted to be rich. Maybe he even wanted to be a millionaire! Since he grew up before computers, he needed to go to school to learn even after he graduated.
Life went on good for a while. Starting a family, buying a house, putting a little savings away. No, he didn’t pray that God would help him achieve all he wanted to be. Why? Because Scottys ‘god’ was money. Scotty also had a problem with his priorities. You see, the family was NOT on the list right behind God. From what I understand, it was 1) money, 2) sports, 3) family. As Christians, we can easily recognize that this order spells disaster. And it did.
One day his whole world came tumbling down, and with it, his dreams to be a millionaire. ‘Why is this happening to me?” he cried out! He didn’t drink. He didn’t do drugs. He was never unfaithful. “Why? Why? Why?” If you asked Scotty if he spent quality time with his family, his answer may have been ” I was too busy trying to make enough money to give them a good life”. If you asked him if he showed his faithful wife how much he loved and appreciated her, his answer may have been “She knows all that stuff. And besides, I’m really not the kind of person to talk about that mushy stuff. She knows that”. If you asked him what God thought about him, his answer may have been,” I don’t believe in God! If I can’t see it, feel it or touch it, it doesn’t exist.” You see, poor Scotty didn’t have friends that knew how tell him he was wrong with that thinking.
Anyway, Scotty lost everything. His family, his house, his car, his pride, his will to go on. As the story goes, one day Scotty looked in the mirror and realized he didn’t like the person in the mirror.
The person in the mirror wasn’t a terrible human being, just one that was lost. He was a person that lacked a lot of what he needed to be the person he thought he should be. He probably thought ” Now what? Where do I go from here? I realize that I have no idea on how to live my life.”
Broken, lost, and emotionally ‘spent’, Scotty decided to do what we all need to do….he got on his knees and prayed. Knowing that he didn’t know how to be a good person, he decided to ask the God he didn’t believe in for help. He probably didn’t even realize it at the time, but he fully surrendered his life to the Lord that day.
A funny thing happened that night alongside the murphy bed. The God he didn’t believe in came to his rescue. The God he hadn’t believed in forgave him of his misgivings and welcomed him into his loving arms. No, he didn’t die, if that is what it sounded like. At this time in his life when he had nowhere else to turn, he turned to the place we all need to go to FIRST.. The God of the universe seemed to carry Scotty till he got his bearings again. The God of all creation made His presence known to him in subtle ways at first, then in profound ways.
As the story continues, Scotty recieved a new list of priorities, a new lease on life, and a passion to obey the God that for many years seemed elusive. Yes, like all good stories and fairytales, this story has a happy ending.
Okay, as some may have already surmised, the little boy’s name wasn’t Scotty at all It was Bobby, or as most of you know him, Bobby Mo. Why did I choose Scotty as the name? Because if I would have had a son, I would have named him Scotty.
And why did I write this story/ testimony? Because it is important for all of us to kind of ‘check in with ourselves, and reflect on exactly who we ARE. Notice I didn’t sat “who we WERE”? Our past helps create who we are and we need to be sure we aren’t dwelling on the past. We need to be reading our Bibles, including Proverbs, to see how we should be living our lives. ARE we living it the way God wants us to live it? Are we REALLY putting God at the top of our priority lists? Are we loving our neighbors as ourselves? Are we responding to what God is telling us, or more importantly, are we even listening to what God wants for our lives? Are we wearing out the knees of our jeans or pajamas praying constantly to know Him and His will for us? Are we praying for wisdom and discernment? Are we telling out loved ones that we love them? And the list goes on.
My friends, the more I preach to the groups here in Panama, the more I know I need
to do it.. I know God wants me to be bold in my faith, and He is giving me the courage to spread His word through this gringo with the bad Spanish. I don’t let the occasional bad grammar hold me back. I figure that if they understand 80% of what I am trying to say, that’s a homerun in my book. Sometimes, in my mind, I want to grab people by the shoulders, shake them and yell “LISTEN TO ME! The Bible is real and relevant today! Read it and Heed it! If you feel your live is going in the toilet, if you feel the pressures of being a parent are sending you out of control. STOP>>>DROP<<< and PRAY to the only ONE that can truely help. Thank you Lord for being my ‘go-to’ guy. Thank you Lord for a life worth living. May your kingdom come, may YOUR will be done; on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen ‘

What’s New in San Felix?

Hello again my friends and family. Things are still busy here in balmy, San Felix, Panama. Busy from a ministry and project standpoint, not particularly crazy busy here in the mission. I am working on several projects at one time. Some for my church, and some for me. Throw in a few sessions of reading the Bible to to people in the Comarca, and you tend to get busy. Not too busy to keep me from my personal growth through daily Bible readings and prayer.
Two blog posts ago I mentioned that I was going to be showing the movie “Mary Magdelen (the life of Jesus as she saw it). I never know how many to expect, so I bought enough cookies and cool-aid for 200 people. As we set up the equipment in the Chami School to show the movie, not many people were there? Hmmmmmm? No big deal though. I decided to show part of the movie “Courageous” as a teaser for next time. Well, the ‘teaser’ kept being played longer and longer. There still weren’t many people there. Why? We decided to go ahead and hand out the food and drinks, and more people came. Now, we were pretty far into the ‘teaser’ movie, so we took a vote. About 50% wanted to keep the movie going, the other 50% wanted to change it. I played it through and they ended up with a double feature. It worked out great! You see, the Courageous movie focused on being a good dad; and the other movie showed the value Jesus gave to women. And the slow turnout of people? Turns out 250 people eventually showed up. Praise God for this opportunity.
The abandoned baby, Maria Belen, is now in the orphanage in Las Lomas and is well taken care of. I enjoy visiting her every week and a half or two weeks. She is growing nicely and is healthy.
Operation Smile was here recently and I enjoyed showing them around the Comarca. They will be doing operations for cleft lips and pallets, conjoined fingers, and fix severe burns in April of 2015.
This week a gorup of 5 were here teaching health care to nurses and care givers. Two were from Honduras, and the other three from New York. I got to chofer them to Soloy, another village in another section of the Comarca.
Also, recently, I had my yearly beach get-together with 32 of my friends from the Comarca and beyond. Actually 27 were Ngabes, 5 were Kunas. The weather was great and we all had a super time. That is, up until about 2pm when a very windy storm ripped through the beach. I had constructed a temporary ‘changing room’ and the wind utterly destroyed it. Two parents were hanging on to the blue tarp for dear life as someone was still inside the room changing when the wind ripped through. All was ok soon afterwards. Some of those in attendance were never at the beach before, let alone swim in it. Most were introduced to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the first time.
I am working on my October vacation plans, already filling in the dates on the calander.
My dear, 18 year old Ngabe friend, Miriam has gotten all her paperwork in order and is heading to the United States to study! What a super opportunity for her. Very few indigenous girls get the opportunity to travel abroad to go to college. She recieved two scholarships, one from my home church in New Tripoli. Thanks to Sisters in Spirit for this great help.
As always, I want to give thanks to our glorious God for the chance to serve Him here in Panama. This is SO right for me in this season of my life. I will continue to surrender daily to His will for me and seek to do whatever He calls me to do. I also ask for His forgiveness when I fail. Jesus’ life, persecution, crucifiction, and death on the cross make ALL the difference in every believers’ life. Through the ressurection we were all given the chance to be with Jesus forever! All you have to do is ask for forgivness, know in your heart that Jesus is exactly who He said he is, and ask to be in His grand family of believers. Pray for this today! Pray without ceasing, as it says in the Bible. Then enjoy the multitude of blessings that will come your way. And, if you have questions, write me or go and ask your pastor. Get the answers today so you can begin to live the blessed Christian life.

Joyfully Serving Him,

Light–ning is stri–king again and again and again…….

This WAS a kitchen.

This WAS a kitchen.

Those words sung by Lou Christy in the 60’s rang out in a powerful way this past week in a small village named Cerro Pierda (Rock hill), here in the Chiriqui Province of Panama. While watching a thunderstorm lighting up the sky on the distant mountains, we are in awe of its power. We count the seconds from the flash to the thunder boom to guess how far away the bolt hit. As the time gets shorter, and the flashes are near, we tend to get a bit more concerned. “Time to head inside!” Well, inside here in the rainforest of Panama, means to get yourself under the cover of a corregated metal roof.
That brings me to this particular story. The storm was drawing nearer as this mother, daughter, and granddaughter were in the metal-roofed kitchen hut, cooking, when tragedy struck in the form of a lightning bolt. The powerful lightning bolt hit a tree about 20 feet away. The bolt ripped the bark off the side of the tree, also leaving the tree split open( see pics). Then it traveled the 20 feet to the posts that were holding up the metal roof, and continued up the posts and just demolished the kitchen……and killed the mother of 4, and her daughter. The granddaughter was burned very badly but survived the lightning, only to die the next day, probably from the burns. The rest of the family were in the house, 15 feet away or so. Thankfully they were unhurt. What a horribly painful sight it must have been to come out their door only to find 3 family members struck by the lightning! I can’t even imagine how I’ld respond. If fact, I can’t even begin to think about the scenario, it would tear me up.
It was on the national news two times this week. Once when the initial incident occurred, then again the next day when the 8 year old granddaughter died. I just happened to be in from of the TV when it came on. I also recieved a note from a Ngabe friend that he had an urgent issue to talk to me about. He had known this family and worked with them when he was growing up, and wanted to ask me to visit them and take some food for them. There was NO question in my mind, I NEEDED to go to comfort them, to give them some food, and pray for them. We went the next morning.
After a 20 minute bus ride, a one hour ride in a four wheel drive truck, and an hour walk in the woods, we arrived at the scene of the tragedy. There was quiet. There was a sense of loss in the air. There was the sight of the demolished kitchen hut. And there was an uncle standing nearby to greet us. His face seemed to show the pain he had in his heart. He was nice enough to show us around. He led us to the open-air ‘church’ where the funeral service for the 8 yr. old was going to take place. Almost immediately, the father, Gregorio, slowly came up to us to greet us. You could hear in his breathing that he was probably asthmatic, too. He was worn down from all the loss in his family. We talked a bit, then one of his surviving daughters (mother of the girl to be buried that day), came to us weeping. She was carrying her remaining daughter (who was much too heavy for her to be carrying). Mom’s can be super women at times.
We gathered together and I prayed for the survivors of the family. Dad and daughter wept. I had a leak or two myself. It was a very moving moment for me, and them. I explained how I had heard of the accident and that our mutual friend was our guide to find their home. I guess I need to explain who ‘we’ were. I was with my dear friends Carlos( engineer-to-be), his brother Gabriel, and Egber, the friend of the family and former English student of mine. He is now teaching English to 1st and 2nd graders in the Comarca.
As we waited for the funeral service to begin, we were introduced to a few pastors, brothers and various family members. Again, in the crowd, there were many with eyesight problems. I got the chance to hold a one month old baby for about an hour. She slept the whole time. While holding the baby a man that seemed to be in his 50’s was sitting on a bench across from us crying almost out of control. He was staring at the coffin and weeping. This went on for a long while and none of his family or the pastors went to console him. “What’s up with that” I thought. I was still enjoying the caring of the baby. I figured I can get this man some help. A pastor was standing near me and I said to him “You are a pastor, aren’t you?’. He nodded yes. The I tried to nudge him by saying ” That man needs you right now”. He nodded in agreement, BUT he didn’t respond! Enter a God moment. In my feeble mind, for a nano second, I was thinking “I’m busy holding this baby, someone needs to help that poor man”. That’s when I heard God speak ‘ Bob, don’t use the baby as an excuse, go to the man yourself!’ So I slowly obeyed, handing the baby back to its mother and sitting down next to the grieving man. I talked to him, prayed to him, rubbed his shoulders, and kept encouraging him till he calmed down about 15 minutes later. He never looked up to see who was consoling him, but that isn’t important. God wanted ME to handle this, not the others….I think.
The surviving father then asked me to pray with and for another man who has had headaches. So I put my hand on his shoulder, prayed, and also gave him some Tylenol.
There was singing, clapping of hands, three different pastors spoke, then we had a processional to the grave site 10 minutes away. More bible verses by 2 different pastors, then the most powerful words of all came from the mother of the 8 yr. old that was about to be placed in the ground. As she began to talk, she had people 360 degrees around her, her face began to almost glow in the bright sunshine. This lady was a model of faith. She lives ‘God first’. As she talked, it looked like she was talking to me when she said to all, “Please don’t cry for me, I know the body is going into the ground but her soul is going to be with Jesus”. And she said it with such joy in her voice! How Powerful! How can I put into words the way I felt at that moment? Her face absolutely glowed as she smiled. How can she do that? Because she LIVES her faith, and her hope is in Jesus. What a role model she was, and is. I actually went up to her when leaving and said to her, “I don’t know you very well, but I am proud of you. You are a bright light shining in the darkness.”. She thanked me and gave me a hug.
As we walked away that Saturday, I couldn’t help but feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet and help these fine people. In all that sadness was a great feeling of hope. A feeling that life will go on, though a bit different.
And the man that was weeping almost uncontrollably? Well, I heard later he was the father of the 8 yr. old that was killed. Why didn’t anyone help him? He was separated from his wife( the woman full of faith), and possibly there was animosity among the family members because he wanted custody of the little girl. Now neither would have that chance. I’ll stop with that, because I don’t want to be judging people.
One custom of the Ngabe Indians is, when a tragedy like this occurs, they move to another house for 3 years till the memories are easier to handle. Gregorio has about 1/3 of the materials to build another house 5 minutes away from his current house. He asked me if I could help him buy the remaining 2/3 of the materials. Many times I need to take time to think and pray about it. This time it was a no-brainer. One way or another I wanted to help this grieving family. I said yes and that I would return in a week to work out a plan to get the corregated sheet metal and nails there. When I got home I sent out an email to a few people, and now it is in God’s hands to provide people the opportunity to put their faith in action and respond. I have NO doubts on this issue. After telling the local hardware store owner the story, he agreed to discount the materials to $360.00, plus I need to pay for delivery to a place near the build site. Phillipians 4:13 says ” I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”. I teach this in the San Felix school and I believe it.
Looking back, I learned more things about the Ngabe-Bugle people and their culture. I was reminded that God is everywhere, even here deep in the woods. I learned something about myself..I need to be prepared for ANYTHING, ALL THE TIME! I am pretty much there, God just showed me a few weaknesses the I will address.
I can’t really say I am sorry this blog is a little long, it is also a lot real.There isn’t too much I can leave out and still give you a good picture of my experience. Thanks be to our Glorious God! Amen.

Come and See,
Bobby Mo

It’s Moving!

The ambulance was just riding up the Pan-American Highway minding its own business when they saw a package on the side of the road moving. As they slowed to check it out, it was clear that it was a baby! What a miracle to find it alive! There are MANY construction vehicles working on the highway these days, the results could have been ugly. Not even taking into consideration the many dogs and snakes. This baby was truly a miracle. She was brought to the high risk pregnancy hospital we have here at the mission where she is ‘mothered’ by many pregnant moms and the nurses. I have been jokingly called her papa. She looked to be only a day or two old when they found her. Now, this miracle baby, Maria Belen, us under great care. Thanks be to God for sparing her life.

The rainy season is supposed to be here, but it seems to be coming and going???? That’s ok though, it has given me the chance to do some roof repairs.

This past week I had plans to read Bible stories (and sometimes act them out), to some children in Chami. I must say, I really like doing this. Anyway, the host mom asked how many people she should invite. I said if you can round up 15 or 20, that would be great. A week or so later, she said many had other plans, could she invite adults too. I said, of course. As the day approached, I bought juice and cookies for 32 people so I would be covered. Well, God had other plans. I brought 2 helpers, juice, cookies, and my props. God brought around 45 people! At 10:00, when it was supposed to start, there were a few family members there, and that was it. I figured that a lot had other plans, so we waited a bit. Soon, as you looked up the street both ways, you could see the folks finally coming. It was a great day. When I was done, they were eager to ask when the next date was to do the same. Before I told them the stories of Jonah and the Walls of Jericho, I asked for a show of hands as to who knew these stories. Not one hand went up. These folks are a bit timid at times, but no hands??? Now I know they heard the Good News in these stories. These two stories also required kids to participate, and they were up to the task. We had a good time with it. AND, at the end, I taught them the Chicken Dance. Now that was quite comical. Let’s just say that I was praising God all the way home through my big smile. Now I need to prepare for the next 4 lessons. Sunday I will set a date to do the same thing in another part of the Comarca, a few hours from here.

I have had two girls from Spain staying in my house with me this month. Their parents are friends of Padre Jullian. It has been interesting talking to them with their Castillian Spanish, or in English. I will be taking them to the Comarca to show them around and Padre asked me to drive the three of them to Boquette and Cerro Punta sight-seeing. The tough work a missionary has to do sometimes…..

I killed another poisoneous snake today. I don’t like snakes! RELAX all you worry wart moms. It was only about 16 inches long. I just cut it into 4 small pieces with a tin shears.

This last month, there has been ONE focus around here. The World Cup of Soccer (Mundial). EVERY television has it on. EVERYBODY is talking about it. After Brazil got their butts whooped bad today, there are only 2 games left. I don’t think anybody wants to play Germany!

I had a few small health issues lately, but I am good as new now, or at least as good as an old, fat man can be.

I went to a ‘feria’ at a technical school today. A ‘feria’ is a fair, it was just to show off the different technical trades and the maritime classes to the public. One of the ‘chiefs’ of the feria saw me in the audience and gave me a corsage and announced me as a ‘distinguished guest’. I went because one of the teenage boys that I am helping support goes there and he was supposed to sing as a duet. I was there 3 hours and never saw him. I’ll have to see what happened. Maybe ‘cold feet’.

Coming up I have another meeting with a group of blind people, there will be a movie night in Chami again. I will be showing “Through the eyes of Mary Magdelena”. As the title says, it will be about how Mary saw Jesus life unfold and how He treated women with love, respect and compassion. Oh yeah, I showed the movie ‘Courageous’ again here to a group of about 20 people. At the end of the movie Alex Kendrick is standing at the pulpit asking which dads will stand up and be the spiritual leaders of their house. He answered ‘I will!”. Well this one man came up to me, touched by the movie and said ‘I WILL!” Score. Thank you Lord for showing me ways to make even a small difference in the life of another person.

Life is good and I have Jesus to thank for that. I also want to thank all those who have and are supporting my ministry here in one way or another. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!
Special ‘hellos’ going out to Jimmy, Bill, Scott, Dave, Billy, Deb, Melinda, JoAnn, Karl, Lance, Stanley, Wayne, and Brian. Continue to follow Jesus and be the people He wants you to be.


23 Days……

photo (5) As I write this blog, I am flying over the Carolinas on my way back to Panama after a somewhat short vacaton in the states. Thankfully it was restful and I didn’t gain the customary 20 pounds of weight from overeating. The 23 day vacation was also interesting from many standpoints. First, the morning after I got to Pennsylvania, I went with a busload of ‘grayhairs’ to Sight & Sound Theater to see ‘MOSES”. What a fantastic production! But, as great as the quality of it all was, the five words that continue to ring in my head, came from God talking to Moses at the burning bush. God said these words “I am all you need!” How powerful! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our gluttenous American lives that we forget this profound statement. If God is all we need, why do we plague ourselves trying to amass more riches and material wealth than is necessary? Why do we get so wrapped up in being human doings rather than human beings. When the last days of our lives come, all that will matter is who we were, who we joyfully helped, and how we helped others in their faith. Sure the niceties of life, ie: material things, are nice to have. It’s nice to go on a cruise once in a while, or have sporty cars, and many other things. BUT, when you look back on your life, the relationships you had with the different people in your life, will matter most. Your relationship with your Savior, Jesus Christ, will dictate where you will end up.
This vacation I had the luxury to sleep in often, take a few naps along the way and kick back in the recliner at night and watch tv. A true vacation! Life is good!!!!!
The highlight of my vacation may have been spending all day one Saturday with fellow Knights for Christ, making some repairs and modifications to the home of Wayne Wilson, Sr. You won’t find a finer group of guys. These fine men really have hearts to serve their fellow man. We worked all day, some worked 11 hours, to get the job done because Wayne was about to be released from Good Shepherd after his stroke. Somehow it doesn’t feel like work when you are doing what God wants you to do. Also, I enjoy the good natured ribbing we can give each other.
I took time to see the movie “Heaven is real”. What a good movie!. I remember seeing the story in the news when it first happened.I had a relative that had a near death experience and his words to me were” If I didn’t believe in God before I almost died, I sure would now” His experience really was impactful.
Thanks to a friend from church, I made contact with an organization called ” Through These Hands”. They gave me over 100 pounds of medical supplies to take to Panama. This will be real helpful for the hospital in the Comarca. God has gradually broadened my base of contacts to make these types of things available to me. To Him be the glory!

Visiting my grandchildren is always a joy for me. My 7 month old grandson is really pleasant to be around. I see it as me having a couple of grandchildren in the United States, but I also have tons of ‘Ngabe grandchildren’ in Panama. Even though I dropped the ball with my own children, I can make it up with all the many kids I have the opportunity to hang out with in Panama.
When I get back to San Felix, the work picks up with finishing some really cool water projects I have started. The rainy season should have started, so it will take some creative scheduling to accomplish them in a reasonable time.
Finally, it was a pleasure to be home for Easter services in English. My mind was opened to a few new things I never knew. I also enjoyed sharing my stories from the last 6 months in the mission field. Now it is back to work, if I can really call it that. If it is called work, then I have the best job in the world. Again, thanks be to God.

Un-intentional Dancing.

Yikes! That was a strong tremor we had today! I had just gotten out of the shower and the floor started moving and my knees and the shower curtain started shaking. It was like I was dancing un-intentionally! In my state of ‘undress’ I couldn’t very well run outside. After about 5 long seconds it subsided. NOT a pleasant feeling. God continues to protect me. I guess he has a big ‘to-do’ list for me yet.
Another mission team came to visit me and serve in the Comarca. Emmanuel’s Lutheran Church sent 6 of their members on a ‘look and see’ trip to see what is going on here, and decide what they can do to help in the future. They represented Jesus and their church wonderfully. They sent a nurse, an auto parts salesman, 2 retired teachers, a photographer, and an interpreter. I was more than glad to share my ‘Panamanian family’ with them. They were accepted with open arms.
Somehow we found time during the 6 day stay to: paint a study room in the Comarca, visit 2 schools and help teach English at both, helped serve lunch to hundreds of students, went to the beach, visited 4 families, shopped, slept in a rustic hotel in Chami, repaired a water problem, fed 3 hungry families, and ate a ton of holhadres. No one got sick or hurt.
One day we were walking to go to eat and came across a man who walked 3 hours to get to the Chami hospital to have his son examined. The boy had severe pain in his eyes. They were very hungry and still had to get back home. We decided to take him with us and feed him. He ate lots of food! Jesus said “Feed my sheep”. they did feed these two sheep and more. But, I guess the biggest impact of the situation came when the man and his son bowed their heads in prayer before we were ready to pray. Cool stuff!
They also visited our local artist and bought 2 items. Seemed normal enough, but no, there was more. This family had not eaten in 2 days, and were awaiting the mom to come home the same day with her paycheck so they could eat. Jesus said “Feed my sheep”. They followed the call and did it again. The kids were extremely happy to find bite-sized Oreos in the bag of goodies they also delivered.
The generous Emmanuel church also sent a nice sum of money with the mission team to help the needy families here. “When you do for the least of these, you do it unto me”, said our risen Lord. They followed this call too, as they were able to help many families with this donation.
One of the important parts of the trip was for them to see the ‘Comida para Todos’ program in action. The first day we went to help with lunch, there was no lunch because of a short school day. The second trip to the school proved more fruitful as we were able to help serve the lunches. The process of feeding the large quantity of kids needs to be changed, and it will, a little at a time. There are still way too many kids that don’t have the chance to eat. AND, there is ample food to feed many more. I recently had a meeting with the person in charge of the lunches and firmly told her what I thought about their system. She is still talking to me. LOL I explained that together ‘WE’ can get things in order, but they were going to have to make some changes in the way they do things.
Now that the Emmanuel’s mission team is safely back in the states, I can concentrate on the work I need to do before I head to the states for vacation on April 15.. I am excited to be able to hear my first Easter services in 3 years, in English. I am also very excited about a few activities that my home church has planned for me. New Life Evangelical Lutheran Church ROCKS!
The title of the sermon I plan on giving is “He is Risen! Now What?” See you in the pews.

Bobby Mo


Tengo hambre! For Bill Kelly and the others that don’t know Spanish, it says “I’m hungry”. I don’t hear the words, but I surely can sense what the students of the San Felix school are thinking. The new school year is only 3 weeks old and there are problems. Not with the school, so much, but with the Panamanian government. You see, they government has NOT delivered any food to the schools in Panama this year yet! How horrible is that! Some, possibly many, of these kids come to school hoping to be able to eat their only meal of the day. Many walk or travel hours to even get to the school, only to find out they won’t be eating. I would not be honest if I said there was NO food in the school. The teachers chipped in to buy food for the 30 some students that stay in the school dorms during the week. Praise God for their hearts to do this. You need to remember that the teachers are not exactly overpaid. They did this out of the goodness of their hearts,
This is a country wide crisis. I do not understand why there has been nothing on the news. I do not understand why none of the presidential candidates aren’t jumping all over this as they get ready for elections in 2 months. With all the different protests that go on here, why isn’t this of enough importance to protest for? I just don’t understand!
Thanks be to God for His plan for myself and my church in all this. You see, near the end of last school year, we met with the school to work up an agreement to help feed the high school students. The elementary students all eat, but over 300 secondary students don’t have the opportunity to eat because there isn’t enough food to go around. This is why they use a type of lottery system to feed the children.
Okay, back to the agreement. With this present crisis, we already had some funds available to provide for another 52 meals a day for the students, but we had to ‘re-calculate’. We decided to go with a bit less food to reach as many kids as possible, coupled with the super-generous donations that came in to help us get through the crisis. The school is so very appreciative, as I am of the generosity of my many friends at New Life. Josh Ferris and his planning team have worked many hours trying to put this program together. That is one fine group of God loving people. Muchas gracias a todos. Sorry, Bill, it means thank you everyone….LOL
Instead of the planned 52 meals a day, we can expect thousands of meals to be served this month, thanks to God and the ‘Comida Para Todos’ lunch assistance
program. Thanks to this worthwhile program, we can say we listened to Jesus when he says ‘ feed my sheep’. These little lambs at the San Felix school will be able to go home each day with food in their stomachs.
Questions?? How many students are in the school? Approximately 400 in elementary school and over 800 in the secondary school.
What do they eat as a full meal? Rice, beans, salchicha or spam, salad, sometimes spaghetti, sometimes only crema and a snack.
What does it cost to pay for one childs’ meals for a month? $20.50
Who do I contact to ask more questions or to help? contact the church office at 610-298-2710 and ask about Comida Para Todos; or go to for details.

On a completely different note. A group from Texas, a part of Youth with a Mission, is here right now and one of their interpreter/guides had a small part in the movie ‘End of the Spear’. He was the indian called Moipa who was killed. Pretty cool. Even cooler is that while making the movie about the 5 missionaries that were killed in Equador, he was not a Christian, but now he is a believer. Praise God for this. He is from the Embera tribe here in Panama.
In closing, please pray for resolution of the food problems in the schools. Please pray for a boatload of patience for me as I try to get the school lunch program fine tuned. I will be back in Pennsylvania before you know it. April 15 to May 8.

Peace, love and full stomaches to all,
Bobby Mo